This site contains information on precision agriculture (PA) in field crops. Advances in public-private R&D projects are presented. Project objectives and results are summarized, milestones are highlighted, and references to reports, leaflets, programs, data bases and movies are given.

PA combines various topics: satellite observations, ground sensors, site-specific tillage, crop care and harvest techniques, yield maps, controlled traffic farming (CTF), robotics, Early Warning Systems (EWS), Decision Support Systems (DSS), Information and Communication Technology (ICT), tracking and tracing within food and feed chains, wireless networks and Farm Management Systems (FMS). At its core PA exists of four steps: (1) detection of heterogeneity in crop, soil, climate and pests (2) decision how to respond to this information, (3) site-specific implementation and (4) evaluation. This picture below gives an impression  of the broad field of PA.



Who are we?
This website is created by employees of Wageningen UR (PPO, PRI and WU-FTG), see the Contact tab for names and addresses. Wageningen UR participated in most of the projects mentioned on this website.

PA has the potential to reduce use of resources (water, fertilizers, agro-chemicals, energy) in agriculture to increase crop yields and quality. Environmental impacts of agriculture will decline. PA thus will contribute to sustainable agriculture and will provide opportunities for new AgriBusiness.

PA applications are Controlled traffic farming, site-specific crop management (tillage, sowing and planting, fertilization, crop protection, weed control, irrigation, harvest measures), see the poster:

The management of the site is done from PRI, Department of Agrosystems Research. Webmaster: Ben Rutgers (Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.). For specific questions on PA-themes please have a look at the contacts on the Contact tab.

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